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About Us


house of ellure

Step into the enchanting world of House of Ellure, where the allure of Sri Lankan fashion is the inspiration behind our modern pieces. 

Our brand story is interlinked with the threads of our heritage and the legacy of generations deeply rooted in the gem sourcing and jewelry manufacturing business.

Many don't know that Sri Lanka has the world's finest sapphires. Our family has been procuring these sapphires since the 1920s and custom-making gorgeous pieces exclusively made for dignitaries and royalty in previous generations. We are passionate about bringing you the same rare & fine quality sapphires that you wouldn't find anywhere else. To do that, we travel to Sri Lanka to go on gemstone expeditions with a licensed mining team several times a year. 

We work alongside the local Sri Lankan artisans who hand cast, cut, set, polish, and handcraft every design. You're not just getting the finest quality sapphires; you're getting a custom handcrafted piece.

Indulge in elegance, craftsmanship, and the enduring connection between our family and yours. Welcome to a world where jewelry becomes a cherished part of your own unique story.