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Ceylon Blue Sapphire Pendant

Sale price$851.99

Introducing the Ceylon Blue Sapphire Spiral Pendant from House of Ellure – an exquisite fusion of timeless elegance and the rare beauty of Ceylon blue sapphires. This pendant, with its captivating spiral design, elevates the allure of Ceylon blue to new heights, creating a wearable masterpiece.


Adorn your neckline with the Ceylon Blue Sapphire Spiral Pendant – a stunning piece that encapsulates the unique charm of Ceylon blue sapphires in an enchanting spiral formation. The pendant is a visual symphony of rare beauty and sophistication.


- Genuine Ceylon Blue Sapphires

- Sterling Silver 

- Total Carat Weight: 4.21ct


Spiral Elegance: The pendant's spiral design adds a dynamic and contemporary touch to the classic allure of Ceylon blue sapphires, creating a piece that is both modern and timeless.

Distinct Blue Hues: The Ceylon blue sapphires featured in this pendant showcase the unparalleled depth and clarity of their unique blue color, making it a standout accessory.

Versatile Wear: The spiral pendant seamlessly transitions from casual to formal occasions, making it a versatile and sophisticated addition to your jewelry collection.

**Perfect for:**

Making a bold fashion statement with a touch of rare and elegant color.

Symbolic gifting, expressing the exclusivity and prestige of your connection.

Elevate your style with the Ceylon Blue Sapphire Spiral Pendant from House of Ellure – where the rare beauty of Ceylon blue sapphires intertwines with contemporary design, creating a wearable work of art. Embrace the allure, celebrate sophistication, and let this pendant become a cherished symbol of your unique taste in fine jewelry.