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Rainbow Sapphire Ring

Sale price$599.99

Introducing the Rainbow Sapphire Floral Ring from House of Ellure – a burst of vibrant hues in the form of a stunning flower, carefully crafted on a sterling silver band. This ring celebrates the kaleidoscope of colors found in Sri Lankan rainbow sapphires, making it a unique and joyous addition to your jewelry collection. 


Unleash a spectrum of colors with our Rainbow Sapphire Floral Ring – a testament to the diversity and brilliance of Sri Lankan sapphires. The ring features a captivating flower design, with each petal adorned by a vibrant rainbow sapphire, set against the backdrop of a sterling silver ring.


- Dazzling Rainbow Sapphires

- Sterling Silver

- Total Carat Weight: 2.51ct


Colorful Bloom: The flower design bursts with the rich colors of the rainbow, showcasing the unique and varied shades of Sri Lankan rainbow sapphires.

Sterling Silver Brilliance: The sterling silver band complements the vivid hues, providing a classic and timeless backdrop to the colorful array of sapphires.

Symbol of Joy: This ring is not just jewelry; it's a celebration of joy and the beauty found in diversity, making it a meaningful addition to your collection.

**Perfect for**

Expressing your vibrant personality with a pop of color.

Symbolic gifting, representing the joyful and diverse aspects of your connection.

Celebrate the spectrum of life with the Rainbow Sapphire Floral Ring from House of Ellure – a burst of color and elegance, this rainbow sapphire statement piece is a unique charm of Sri Lankan elegance. Wear the joy, revel in the brilliance, and let this ring become a symbol of your colorful spirit.